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Is festival fashion bohemian anymore? What to expect festival goers to be wearing this season

By: Megan Barbera

The words “festival fashion” can trigger the classic imagery of flower crowns and bohemian inspired threads, gracefully flowing through festival grounds across the world.

However, as years progress, fashion enthusiasts are progressing towards a different look, contrasting the typical rustic outfits that have been popular in the past festival seasons.

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Streetwear and out-of-the-ordinary piece combinations were seen more than ever at this years Coachella Music Festival, showing festival fashion taking an edgier turn.

Perhaps the growing influence of rap and EDM music at festivals is pushing fashion-lovers to be less safe with their wardrobes when it comes to festival season.

Looking back on the festival outfits of celebrities such as Kendall Jenner in 2016, there is clear contrast between the two. Jenner’s style took a twist into the on-trend, street-influenced side of the fashion world, and she certainly is not the only one.

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At Phoenix Lights, the styles that were seen marked a new era of festival fashion, one that holds a more out-of-the-ordinary look, inspired by both streetwear and classic rave fashion.

It’s no secret that festivals are a place for fashion gurus to show off their best outfits, and festival fashion will continue to evolve as upcoming Arizona festival’s like Goldrush on September 29 and 30 will bring another combination of rap and EDM fans, showing off an interesting and fresh take on classic festival fashion.

The Chic Daily will be covering the fashion at Goldrush, so be on the lookout for festival fashion on our Instagram and Twitter!

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