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It’s Finally Sweater Weather, and Here’s Where You Should Be Shopping

By Davyn Matte

It’s finally the time to dig up all your old winter clothes you’ve packed far, far away. Or, for some of us, it’s time to go shopping for winter clothes because when you live in the desert, they are rarely needed.

While our winter clothing game may not be as strong as those on the east coast, we can still get in on winter shopping. I’ve found a few great stores that have your back this holiday season.


H&M is your one-stop shop for updating your wardrobe. They’ve done a great job at taking runway trends and recreating them at a fraction of the price.


Photos Courtesy of H&M

In terms of winter clothing, they recently launched chunky knit sweaters, lightweight pullovers and turtleneck sweaters that pair well with their skinny jeans or leather pants. Not to mention, they’ve been very generous recently with sales, so take advantage of this while you can!


ASOS seems to be overlooked by a lot of people, including me. But it’s a site we should go visit more often because they have a variety of choices.


They have their personal line and carry other brands like All Saints and French Connection. Their jean selection ranges from your typical skinny jeans to more loosely fitted and baggy like we see in streetwear. The baggy jeans are perfect for those days you feel lazy but still want to look put together.


Photos Courtesy of ASOS

As for their sweaters and knitwear, their pieces aren’t as bulky as some from other retailers. A lot of their options look daintier thanks to a lighter color palette and intricate, eyelet detailing. The prices, however, are a little higher, for their pants especially, but they offer a student discount and they don’t charge sales tax or for shipping. In the end, it all seems to even out.


Tobi has been a blessing to my wardrobe but a curse to my bank account. Not because it’s expensive but because their deals are so good I always end up going overboard.


This is the perfect site to shop for holiday events that you need to get dressed up for because they have an extensive dress selection. Their new crushed velvet line is everything you’ve been missing in your life and their sweaters are totally Pinterest worthy.


Photos Courtesy of Tobi

Tobi may not have the widest option for jeans or other pant styles, but they offer great pieces you can layer over other items you already own. They’re currently offering 50 percent off your entire order — I challenge you to stay away (but I know you can’t).

It’s the holiday season, and while you may be inclined to start shopping for other people, it’s really time to get out your credit card and treat yo’self.

Where do you like to shop for winter clothing? Let us know in the comments!


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