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Jack of All Trades: Hairstyles via a Flat Iron

We all know that we can achieve straight hair with our flat irons, but they are capable of so much more! In this post, I’ll demonstrate how to achieve curls, volume, and beachy waves all with the turn of your wrist.

*Always remember to use a heat protectant when using your flat iron.


Works best with: medium to long hair

1. Straighten your hair from the roots to the middle of the hair shaft (you can skip this step if your hair is already naturally straight).

• The curl will hold better if you don’t straighten the bottom.

2. Flip your wrist 180 degrees and clamp your flat iron to your hair.

3. Roll your wrist toward your face until your hair is completely wrapped around the iron.

4. Now simply pull the iron down and you’re left with a loose curl!

Brush this style out for romantic waves.

flat iron curls

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest             Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Crimped hair


  Works best with: fine hair

   1. Separate your hair into 1-inch sections.

   2. Clamp your iron to your hair, and then arch your wrist upward and away from your face.

            • Hold this position for about half a second.

    3. Then move the iron down while rotating your wrist downward and toward your face.

    4. Repeat on all sections of your hair.

    Photo Courtesy of Pinterest


Works best with: naturally straight hair

Twist hair into two sections and run your flat iron down your hair shaft. You can also achieve this look by braiding your hair and straightening your braid.


Works best with: any hair

This style is easy: just flip your head over and straighten your roots! Feel free to add a root- boosting serum and tease as you wish.

This also works with any of the above hairstyles!

Article by Jillian Carapella


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