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James Bond’s Style Through the Ages

Nobody does it better than Bond, James Bond. Whether it’s his suave and debonair persona, his incredibly dangerous job, or luxurious cars, everyone’s favorite secret agent has signature style. That style transcends into what clothes he dons as well as how he wears them. Confident and masculine, Bond doesn’t wear an ordinary suit — there’s something immediately classic and dignified about his garments.

Just as there are similarities between looks, Bond’s clothes have evolved as the character has changed and grown. Six actors have portrayed the cinematic 007 in the last fifty years, and each has brought something new to the part, including clothes. Let’s take a look at the styles of each Bond.

Sean Connery

The first actor to portray Bond blasted onto screens as an icon in 1962’s “Dr. No.” From bright, colorful polo shirts to the stark, white tuxedo jacket and black slacks, Connery’s wardrobe proved to be the most copied and enviable style. As the originator of the role, the looks established by Connery are what costume designers continue to define as the Bond look, apart from his hilarious powder blue terrycloth jumper in “Goldfinger.”

George Lazenby

Despite starring in only one picture, Lazenby has some iconic costumes. One — a traditional Scottish garb containing a black kilt—  is what sets him apart from the rest. Others, including a mustard-colored cardigan and slim trousers, add casual elements to the flashy suits and outerwear.

Roger Moore

Flashy, eye-catching, and detailed are words one can use to describe Moore’s wardrobe. Emphasis on colorful ties and large flares make his era remarkable. On-trend and ever-so-’70s, Moore’s suits and casual wear gave Bond a business-like aura. His leisure suits are all sorts of hilarious as they look as though they belong on Mr. Brady rather than a secret agent! The biggest misstep in 007’s bureau at this time is his spacesuit, which he donned in 1979’s “Moonraker” when he blasted into outer space. Even Bond couldn’t bring other worldliness to the bulky, shiny and unforgiving jumpsuits.

Timothy Dalton

Dalton’s heyday was in the ’80s and viewers can definitely tell. His suits weren’t as exaggerated as Moore’s but there were some doozies in his two film stint. One — an ill-fitting ensemble composed of khakis, billowing blue button-up, and a navy jacket looked to common for Bond.

Pierce Brosnan

Suits, suits and more suits! When Brosnan wasn’t scaling dams or infiltrating top-secret bases, he was either in the office or parading with the elite in his films. Comfortable and classy, sophisticated and chic, Brosnan offered a relaxed, modern take on the classic style of 007.

Daniel Craig

The latest actor to try on the gun holster ushered in a new sense of clean-cut style. Brooding and mysterious, Craig’s take features form-fitting tuxedos and suits as well as those famous blue swimming briefs from “Casino Royale.”

Interested in Bond’s style? Visit The Suits of James Bond, a blog dedicated to identifying and presenting the costumes worn by each actor in all 23 films.

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