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JuiceGod Profile: Welcome to Greatness

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

By: Sydney Witte

“Welcome to Greatness” are three words 18-year-old Kerry uses to describe his new wave fashion and streetwear brand, “JuiceGod.”

In 2017, when Kerry was only 16, he was motivated to create an expressive and confident brand. Many did not believed in him, and during his freshman year, a teacher even said he would never make it past junior year of high school.

This negativity along with the pain he faced after a friend suffered a severe car accident helped inspire Kerry to create his brand.

He wanted to prove his worth to those who doubted him and honor his friend. Before his close friend’s accident, she would always call Kerry “JuiceGod” and thus, the unique name was born.

“JuiceGod” became a brand for everyone, especially teens and young adults. Kerry hopes one day his brand will dethrone “Supreme” and become a highly well-known street brand.

The journey wasn’t easy however. Numerous people would compare “JuiceGod” to other competing labels. This made it difficult to gain recognition and establish a name in the fashion world.

Kerry’s struggles haven’t stopped his customers from coming back for more though. One consumer said wearing “JuiceGod” made them feel stylish and fresh.

Kerry is determined to continue to grow “JuiceGod.” He said networking is key for upcoming creators to grow their brand. He mentioned entrepreneurs must believe in themselves and face roadblocks that may occur while staying true to themselves.

Kerry’s motivation is his faith and aspirations.

He wants everyone to know, “Be on the lookout when [JuiceGod] blows up.”

The street brand is currently made internationally and is consistently growing with time. Currently, JuiceGod carries unisex clothing that includes t-shirts, hoodies, biker shorts, bras, and more.

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