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Katy Perry’s Iconic Wardrobe

Katy Perry rocked out the award season this spring and has since then been establishing herself as a modern Hollywood fashion icon. Her “out there” couture fashion in the past has been settled down this season and become more high fashion with a touch of color to her hair.

With her new movie Part of Me coming out today and the announcement of her divorce from comedian and actor Russell Brand, Katy Perry is in the spotlight more than ever and is taking this time to shine and quite brightly might I add.

Even though Perry has been toning her wardrobe down she makes sure to let her fans know she’s the same Katy with her ever changing hair colors. Purple, blue, or rainbow the star never fails to keep the crowd guessing. Perry showed up to the Grammy’s in a blue Elie Saab gown with matching blue hair.

Perry has not been shy to the neon trend that’s taken over this summer. She showed up at the Kids Choice Awards in a lime green cropped top paired with a flowing green printed skirt and matching lime green Prada pumps. This is a fun and flirty ensemble that girls everywhere could try for a summer night.

Katy’s street style is coinciding with the summer trends as well. Below you can see she paired a leather vest over a flower-patterned dress an outfit that is easy to dress up or dress down. She also took a bohemian twist with the dress she wore at Coachella, which was a refreshing twist to her normal rocker look. It’s clear that single Katy Perry is in control and more versatile and stunning than ever.

Photo Credits: Just Jared // LoweFactor // Pinterest


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