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By: Meagan Pasley

When Kylie Jenner releases a new shade in her lip kit collection it becomes the most talked about item in the makeup world. Everyone is setting alarms and trying to get the item before it sells out. One of the newest shades that she released was debuted with a collection that was coming out exclusively for her birthday. The lip kit is called Leo after Jenner’s astrology sign. The color is described on her site as a “true deep burgundy” and it is perfect for fall.


I was so excited to order this shade because burgundy is one of my favorite colors for fall and I was excited to try out Kylie’s brand for the first time. Many people have questioned her brand’s credibility because of her celebrity status. Others wonder whether or not she truly enjoys making the makeup, or if she just wanted to create a successful business empire like her sisters. Whatever her motivation was, it worked and now you can’t find many people who don’t own at least one of her lip kits.


I was skeptical of buying the lip kit at first because of the price. Did I really need to spend $29 on this? I knew I was mainly paying for the name, but I did it anyway. Her shipping was extremely fast and came packaged nicely in a sleek black box. Kylie also includes a note in the package that is adorned with her signature lips with lipstick dripping down them.


The lip liner that comes with the kit has a creamy consistency and matches the lipstick perfectly. I don’t normally use lip liners with liquid lipsticks so this part was less than exciting for me. When I first applied the lipstick, it was not streaky at all! I only needed one swipe across my bottom lip to become fully opaque. Once fully dried, it was slightly sticky when I pressed my lips together but nothing that was unbearable. The color faded a little while I was eating but it wasn’t noticeable enough for me to reapply. Overall, I think this lipstick had great staying power. The compliments I received on it have me convincing everyone I know to go out and buy it!


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