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Lash Extensions… Hit or Miss?

By: Jamie Bornscheuer

Lash enhancements can sound like a dream to beauty fanatics. They can cut a makeup routine in half, build confidence and draw attention, but similar to a lot of beauty trends, there is a level of maintenance to them that goes unspoken about. 

The trend has been on the rise since 2017. If done properly and maintained by the

customer, they should come out looking seamless and beautiful.

The process of getting eyelash extensions includes individual false lashes being dipped into adhesive and bonded to the customer’s natural lash. The whole task can take up to 3 hours to complete.

A full set of lashes could cost anywhere from $80 to a couple hundred dollars depending on the studio and type of style. To maintain eyelash extensions the customer needs to get a refill every 2 to 3 weeks and the refill can cost upwards of $80.

These prices vary from studio to studio and are averaged based on the prices at popular lash studios in Arizona including the Amazing Lash Studio, Lash Lounge, The Smokey Eye & Lash Parlour and Diva Lashes.

Paradise Valley Community College student Lexy Marotta had lash extensions for over a year before she decided they were too expensive and took a lot of upkeep to ensure they looked right. 

Lash extensions require maintenance beyond just keeping up with refills. People who experienced having lash extensions have also said that it is an abrupt change in their lifestyle.

“I have to be careful washing my face, mindful of how I sleep and shower, remember not to rub my eyes and I can’t wear eyeshadow because it’s so hard to take off,” Marotta said. “I also don’t go underwater with them because once I did and they clumped up and I had to get them removed.”

Marotta also said that she has to make sure to brush her lashes every day or they will have a tangled appearance.

In less than a year however, Marotta decided she wanted to get them again, regardless of the expense. Despite all the cons, Marotta said that there was not another pro for her other than making her feel beautiful and that was enough for her.

“Lash extensions boost my confidence,” Marotta said. “I feel prettier when I have them and that outweighs all the bad things about them.”

After experiencing the ups and downs of eyelash extensions, many women have the same opinion as Marotta, holding the importance of confidence over small lifestyle changes. 

“I get lash extensions because it is a convenient and easy way for me to feel confident and feminine.” said Arizona State University student Brianna Jack.

While lash extensions may not be for everyone, they remain a popular trend going into 2019 for making women everywhere feel bold and beautiful.


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