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Last Minute Creative Tips for EDC

The Electronic Dance Carnival (EDC) hosted by Insomniac is easily the highlight of the summer for most Electronic music lovers. EDC is a three-day dance festival full of the worlds top electronic DJs all brought together under seven stages in Las Vegas, to unify a movement of musical beats and happiness.

It’s come to my attention that EDC brings upon a wardrobe style all of its own kind. Usual rave wear such as jean shorts and neon tops do not compare at such an event like EDC. So in case you are headed to this event I would advise you to step out of your own comfort zone and dress as if your wildest dreams were coming true.

First off, it’s all about being different. Get creative and colorful! Making something of your own is the perfect way to be unique. You can buy a simple bathing suit top or bandeau and hot glue flowers or feathers to it. Pair that up with some furry leg warmers and you’ll be set! Like this one from Electric Daisy Couture from

The Chic Daily, Fashion Journalist Club, Kathleen Etzel, EDC Fashion

Another go to idea if you need to get creative fast is to follow an animal theme. Either dress in animal print or actually turn yourself into an animal. Peacock or any tropical bird are easy to do. Or you can get more exotic with a tiger or zebra print. You can wear a leotard with a tutu of any color to accomplish this style. Trust me you won’t be the only one!

The Chic Daily, Fashion Journalist Club, Kathleen Etzel, EDC Fashion

Simple details such as adding a flower headband to your hair or tie-dye coloring your nails can really add spark to your look. There’re YouTube videos that can help you do your own nail art if you don’t want to go get your nails done.

Kathleen Etzel


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