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Letter From The Editor: Transition Is Our Mission


Whether you’ve been a loyal reader, an occasional visitor or happened to stumble upon The Chic Daily today, welcome. For those that don’t know, our blog is a collaborative effort by Arizona State University’s Fashion Journalist Club (FJC). With Libby Allnatt as second-in-command, Madison Rowbotham is taking over the presidential reigns and I’m stepping in as editor.

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Just like fashion and technology, our style and staff are always evolving, with a few constants to drive the change. This spring, we’re making a commitment to expand our content, deliver more event coverage and ensure our evolution shows.

What to expect:

  1. Site makeover

  2. New Lifestyle section

  3. Incorporation of local businesses and events

Karl Lagerfeld said, “Fashion is about two things: the evolution and the opposite,” and those words fit perfectly with the idea of what’s to come.

We had our first meeting of the semester: we met, we discussed, we pitched, we got a special visit from the ladies of the Sparkle Bar. The change is already evident to us, and soon it will be to you too.

Without further ado, meet our spring class of 2016.



Candice Maniga Editor


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