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Life Through Lens: Zona Music Festival 

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Photos by: Johnny Corte

Words by: Alexia Hill

Music is an integral part of creating connections and breathing life into emotions we don’t always have the right words to express. Listening to music in your car, in headphones at the gym or on a walk is a personal experience.

Whether it be the bass beating all the way through your feet to your heart, singing all the songs you know so well or finding new songs you’ve never heard before, meeting new friends, being face to face with your favorite artists and being a part of a community you never really see – live music is truly an incomparable sensation. For many, Zona Music Festival was a reminder of this.

From Dec. 3-4, Margaret T. Hance Park hosted Zona Music Festival in its inaugural year. The event featured over 40 artists, some hyperlocal like Upsahl and Breakup Shoes, and some national artists like The Regrettes, TV Girl, Beach House and Japanese Breakfast. The Chic Daily had the wonderful opportunity to cover this festival by interviewing bands, but also by capturing these special moments on camera-life through lens.

“Being able to photograph all these acclaimed artists was an absolute blast! It’s amazing how many performers embraced the weather conditions of the weekend, bringing the energy needed to liven this inaugural festival,” Photographer Johnny Corte said. “I loved feeding into the energy of each set as I captured these photos. Great experience with Zona Fest, and hope to shoot more festivals in the future thanks to it!”


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