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Lime Crime “Unicorn Hair” Review

By Marisa Pieper

Photos by Marisa Pieper

Did someone say unicorn? Of course they did. From unicorn toast to Starbs’ unicorn frap, it’s evident unicorn everything is trending. I must say, I’m a total unicorn fan.

When one of my favorite brands, Lime Crime, released their line of Unicorn Hair dye, I had to try it. I was already looking for a high-quality, dark magenta dye for my hair, and this line was the perfect option.

Lime Crime Hair Dye Pic 1

Not only does Lime Crime leave harsh chemicals out of its products, but also dedicates itself to being cruelty-free and vegan. So, in true unicorn style, they’re doing good for the environment.

The Unicorn Hair line has thirteen colors; while some are full-coverage, others are tints. I purchased Chocolate Cherry, a full-coverage dye.

Lime Crime Hair Dye Pic 2

As you can see, I did this myself and am NOT a hair stylist or colorist or anything like that…I am 100% an amateur.

If you decide to dye your hair at home, please take precautions! Lay down towels and cover all surfaces around you. I put one over the chair I was sitting in and on the floor (I didn’t put one on the desk, and oh boy, cleanup was not fun). Also, make sure you have gloves because one time I didn’t, and not only did I look ridiculous, but everything was so much more difficult.

I came prepared for the hair dying battle this time around.

Lime Crime Hair Dye Pic 3.jpg

I started by sectioning off my hair to ensure I really covered everything. I then put the dye all over my sections. I was so excited because it was really pink. Then, I had to wait two hours for the color to set.

The company sent an info card along with the product. Just as the card says, if you want more of a pastel look, don’t leave it the dye in as long. I personally wanted a vibrant, long lasting look, so I left mine in for the whole two hours.

Lime Crime Hair Dye Pic 4.jpg

The pink was so intense and bright, it was a little shocking!

Overall, I’m super in love with this color and the Lime Crime Unicorn Hair dyes! Only costing $16 per tub of dye, it’s a great deal. If you want to switch up your hair color this summer, I highly recommend Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair dye.

Happy hair dying!

Lime Crime Hair Dye Pic 5


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