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Little Victories on Rodeo Drive

September 8, 2012 was the day of my first trip to Rodeo Drive to Los Angeles. After spending about an hour trying to navigate our way through the constant hustle of LA, my best friend and I finally found ourselves on the one and only Rodeo Drive. Everything was beautiful–  the architecture, the clothing in the stores, the people shopping for yet another Louis to add to their collection. I felt good about how I looked. I had on a wisteria-colored, empire-waisted skirt that had two sheer layers in front that overlapped to make a sexy slit. On top I wore my favorite cream bustier top, the one I found for $6 Black Friday a couple years ago. I had on some basic sandals (since I could only bring one pair of shoes on my trip), simple sunglasses and a red, ostrich-embossed bag. I felt like I almost belonged, and my friend felt the same way.

“If you had different shoes on, you totally look like you could be from LA, except for your bag.”

Feeling somewhat insecure about my almost perfect look, we ventured through Prada, Chanel, Juicy Couture and all the other wonders that thrive on Rodeo. Our next stop was BCBG Max Azria, one of my favorite designers. The first thing I saw when I walked in was a dimly lit shelf filled with ostrich-embossed bags. There was one burgundy satchel that looked almost identical to the $30 bag I bought from Charming Charlie, despite a subtle color change.

The Chic Daily, Fashion Journalist Club, Emmy Nicholson, Ostrich Embossed

The ostrich embossed bag is appearing in the collections of Prada, Dooney & Bourke and Michael Kors, just to name a few. These tiny little bumps have not only been appearing on bags but also on shoes and even phone cases, as we see with Rebecca Minkoff. With the versatility of this subtle but chic embellishment, I predict that the world will be seeing a lot more ostrich embossed accessories this winter.

Emmy Nicholson

Photo Credit: The Style Cure


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