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Local fashionista sells vintage duds at pop-up showcase

Story and photos by Libby Allnatt

Local downtown Phoenix boutique GROWop transformed its front porch on Wednesday night as the clothing store displayed vintage finds curated by ASU design student and resident cool girl Madeleine Alexandra Browning.

I would definitely recommend following her super hip Instagram, by the way, especially if you’re into ethereal fashion pics, yummy brunch photos, and dreamy nature snaps. Over 19,000 followers can’t be wrong, right?


Polaroids on display at Growop’s pop-up show featuring Madeleine Alexandra Browning

Browning, who’s basically a pro at vintage shopping, displayed some of her finds at Wednesday’s pop-up event.

“Fashion is a way to express how you feel on the inside without having to explain yourself,” said Browning, who plans to open her own online store soon.”

Here are some of my favorite items on display, along with some other snaps from the ultra-cool urban shindig.

“A lot of this is my stuff that I’ve been holding onto for awhile, and I’m like, okay I’ve gotta get it out,” Browning said. “I still love a lot of these pieces. I just feel like I’m ready to move on and share them with other people.”

Browning said the pieces are from her travels all over the world, including Malaysia, India and Amsterdam.

“I really like the idea of classic pieces that you can wear with anything, and you can mix vintage pieces with new pieces,” she said. “ So I look for stuff that’s timeless and easy to wear, unique, and stuff that I love,” she said. “I feel like if I love it, there’s gotta be some other people that do.”

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