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London Fashion Week | Recap of Sept 14 Shows

The first day of London Fashion Week began with a sophisticated take on spring looks. Although there were occasional pops of color, black, white and navy played a principal role throughout the collections of Sass & Bide, Felder Felder and Bora Aksu. Texture and layering were also common themes amongst the collections, creating complex pieces that often times required a second look.

Sass & Bide

Sass & Bide kept the colors in their collection limited, mostly focusing on black and white. The origami layering and texture of the pieces were the highlight of their runway looks. Sass & Bide created geometric, structured pieces and incorporated sequins, feathers, fringe, leather and even mosaic tile-looking fabric to really make a lasting impression.

Felder Felder

Felder Felder took a lighter approach to their spring collection, featuring a multicolored leopard print throughout their collection. Although there was also a navy tropical pattern, and a striking periwinkle, the fabrics remained gauzy and light regardless of color, creating perfect pieces for warmer weather.

Bora Aksu

The most noteworthy aspect of the Bora Aksu show has to be the crowns, worn atop a mess of hair. The collection took on a royal feel with the addition of embellished collars and metallic fabrics. While there were pops of red, canary and orange, blue played the largest role in a variety of shades ranging from cornflower to electric.

Jenna Losé

Photo Credits: Sass & Bide // Felder Felder // Bora Aksu


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