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London Fashion Week | Recap of Sept 16 Shows

It’s that time once again this year, all the fashionable people are out and about – this week in London! With many different models performing the catwalk, superstar, Lady Gaga makes an entrance, and steals the show raising her arms wearing a hot pink Egyptian looking jacket. London Fashion week is one of the biggest events that takes place in London, attracting many designers, Brits, as well as some celebrities. With the help of the mayor of London, the British Fashion council, and many different sponsors, London will once again have a very successful fashion week, and two days ago featured brands Matthew Williamson, Vivienne Westwood, Temperley London, Acne and Paul Smith.

Matthew Williamson

One of the hottest designers that took part in the London fashion week was Matthew Williamson. Matthew Williamson focuses on clothes that are fun, free-spirited and have this laid-back look. With fifteen years of being in the industry, and having different prints, gowns and vibrant colors, Williamson keeps on growing. His models this year for London Fashion Week was featured wearing glossy white pants, with gold heels, a fancy navy blouse and a purple blazer.

Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood’s clothes are very important to her, and most of all her customers are the main highlight. Westwood’s model was featured wearing a red dress, with a purple clutch, a bouquet of flowers as a headpiece, and the models’ face was painted green. Looking at this it really does give us a sense of edge, and this type of fashion that isn’t always shown. When we look at the model, it portrays fashion in a way that we can dress in any style that we want, no matter how weird it looks because in the end what will matter will be how different it is, how it stands out, and how it is being worn. That’s what fashion is. Fashion is like beauty and that’s exactly what Vivienne Westwood’s Red Label portrays.

Temperley London

Temperley London, a brand that is popular in London comes from designer, Alice Temperley. The impressive thing in fashion is when the designers set up their own label. It makes them special and gives them a recognition; something that Temperley did. The greatest part about fashion is mixing it up in different patterns, twists, and of course how comfortable any woman feels in what she is wearing. Temperley is all about that confidence. Her model is showing off a nice red-stripped pattern dress that shows it as a skirt, but the way it is shaped, it has the features of a dress.  The model’s face expresses true confidence.


The brand Acne was formed in Stockholm and focuses a lot on the denim. The style is cool, casual and yet personal. Jonny Johansson is the creative Director of Acne, and everyday as a brand they are storming up new ideas, and coming up with some exciting fashion for future generations. The brand’s wardrobe is put together from small pieces and they try to make it stand out from other brands. Acne’s model is shown wearing a simple plain grey t-shirt with the word-Music shown, tucked in with a light cream skirt with a grey belt and black wedges. The model shows it off well, and her expression blends in with the brand because of the cool, yet casual style they have.

Paul Smith

Paul Smith was the winner of a BFC Outstanding Achievement back in 2011. Like I said fashion should be made up with some twists, but it’s also important to stand out as an individual wearing that brand like you own it and not looking at it so much for the attention because of the kind of brand it is. Paul Smith is all about the individuality. Paul Smith’s model has an expression of “I can wear this, because I have attitude.” Her lips are marked bright red with bright red pants, and a peach blouse with a black and white pattern sewn on top of it. It is a really neat outfit and definitely shows off the individuality of the person and Paul Smith’s brand.

Jonathan Saunders

Jonathan Saunders shows off his colors and print as part of his brand. He was born in Scotland and was awarded the Fashion Enterprise Award at the British Fashion Awards back in 2006. He has worked with top designer Alexander McQueen, and for him it’s all about finding the balance and knowing what decoration to go for whether it’s a blouse, or a dress it’s important to find that in the fashion industry. His model comes onto the catwalk with a long-sleeved tight shirt with a funky high waisted skirt that shows of some techno bright pattern that definitely stands out, and some plain black sandals. She definitely feels comfortable in her own skin, feels like she is letting loose, and oh let’s not forget about those nice shades she is wearing!

Agnes Kozina


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