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Love at First Sight… Fairytale Or Reality? FT The Bachelorette

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

By McKenna Leavens

The question, “Is love at first sight real?” has gone global after ABC’s The Bachelorette aired last week. Clare Crawley, one of the newly bachelorettes, quickly falls for one of the guys a little sooner than most. This man happens to be a former NFL player, Dale Moss. Right after meeting Dale, Clare said, “I think I just met my husband.”

This shocked audiences nationwide… but is love at first sight a hoax or could Clare’s automatic love for Dale be real?  

From personal experience I 100% think that love, at first sight, is real. Storytime…

So far I have had one really epic love in this lifetime and from the moment I laid eyes on him I knew I was going to fall so insanely in love… and I did. It was this time of year about three years ago and I went to a Halloween party. At that party, I met a guy, shook his hand, looked into his eyes, and melted. I just knew that I had met someone who was about to completely turn my world upside down.

That entire night I couldn’t stop staring at him, I was instantly drawn to him. From that night on we went on a date then it turned to five dates then it turned into us being in a committed relationship, and even though it ended, it was still the greatest two years of my life.

Now, I don’t necessarily believe that we only get one epic love. I believe that at some point I will experience love at first sight again. This is exactly what happened with Clare and Dale.

Also, I’m not spoiling anything because every social media app ever has shed light on the fact that Clare ends up leaving the show early and being with Dale.

Now, some people say that this is wrong and that she should’ve given the other guys a chance. I highly disagree. The saying “when you know, you know” is SO true.

It has been obvious in the past couple of episodes that Clare is not into the other guys as much as Dale, it’s almost worse to string the other guys along the entire season when she knows the entire time that she is in love with Dale.

Clare has gotten a lot of criticism for her actions, and I don’t personally know her so I can’t comment on who she is as a person but I CAN comment on her date ideas so far. She did a group date where she made all of the guys go through love languages… which, in my opinion, is genius.

I’ve talked about it in other articles but love languages are so vital in a relationship and the fact that she turned it into a whole date is amazing and a really healthy start to building these relationships. Clare had the ability to make 10 men be vulnerable with her… that’s a miracle.

Another date Clare had was a one on one where she made her date write a letter to his younger self prior to meeting her that night. Then during the date, they both wrote and shared personal things about their past and read the letters out loud to one another.

While some people may think this is just a “therapy session” or a “cry for help” it’s actually a healthy and mature way to get to know one another. Clare is almost 40-years-old, why would she waste her time going on dates asking what their favorite color is?

The way I see it, Clare has taken the Bachelorette to a whole new level and allowed these men to be vulnerable with her. Let me tell you, NOTHING is sexier than being vulnerable.

So, back to my original question, “Is love at first sight real?” Hell yes, it is! I truly believe that there is a person out there for each and every one of us and maybe that’s naive but being naive and in love is a lot better than being cynical and alone.

I’m rooting for you Clare and Dale, and I’m rooting for all of you as well in your epic love journeys.


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