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Lust for Lana: Retro Style and Soothing Tunes

By Ajaden Welter

In the midst of global chaos—from natural disasters to political turmoil—leave it to Lana Del Rey to spread the flower power the world so desperately needs. Lana Del Rey and co-headliner Zella Day performed to a sold-out crowd Friday night at the scenic Santa Barbra bowl singing of love and summertime sadness with that classic Lana smile.

The weather was warm and Boho was the look, as it is much of the time in the laid-back town of Santa Barbara. Many attendees kept it casual with a pair of jeans, sandals and a simple crop top. The concertgoers who opted for a more ambitious look rocked seriously70’s vibes with vintage tops and outrageously flared bell bottoms. Flower crowns were all the rage, as well. Many fans even replicated the daisy flower crown that Lana wore herself in the “Love” music video.

Lana’s fit matched the mood of the crowd wearing a sky-blue dress under a white lace shawl. She sported just one outfit throughout the hour and a half set as she performed a number of hits like “Blue Jeans” and “Video Games.” While she did perform many of these classic Lana hits, she mostly played tunes from her new album “Lust for Life.”

The concert felt like an homage to the sixties. The retro stage set-up consisted of two go-go dancers dancing with Lana to upbeat tempos, and the audience seemed to travel back in time as they strayed from their phones and chose to live in the moment.

Lana Del Rey needed no gimmicks to be completely mesmerizing—just her beautiful voice and gleaming smile to hypnotize an adoring crowd eager to feel the love.


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