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Made Boutique brings hidden treasures to downtown Phoenix

Every once and a while, you might find yourself on Roosevelt Row surrounded by art galleries, coffee shops and specialty boutiques. One boutique that seems to stand out from others is MADE art boutique. Located on 922 N. 5th Street, the boutique’s logo reads “handmade and handpicked items.” From the outside, it appears to be a small house. But when you walk in, books, cards, posters, jewelry and other specialty items can be found on every wall. MADE sells other artists’ work—60 percent of them local and a few items from London and India, according to co-owner Cindy Dach.


“We specialize in handmade functional items,” Dach said.

MADE opened March 1, 2005, and for almost nine years the boutique has aimed at pleasing their artists and handcrafter clientele while complementing nearby galleries.


If you are in search for a unique item or a place to sell your artwork, look no further than MADE art boutique.


For more information, visit the website:

By Alisa Stone


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