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Make Your Own Hair Accessories in Less Than 5 Steps


With the semester nearing an end, our funds are dwindling along with it. Our accessories shouldn’t fall victim to budget cuts. You can create your own hair accessories for a fraction of the price you’ll find in store. Plus, they will be one of a kind! I used basic colors in these examples, but have fun with it using animal print, floral, or even sparkles. So grab a couple of friends and make a night of creating something that’s uniquely yours.

The Necessities:

Ribbon or fabric



Barrettes or hair ties

Needle and thread

How to Make a Classic Bow

Step one:

Lay out your ribbon of choice and measure it to size. I usually use about a foot to make a medium sized bow.


Step two:

Sew the two ends together creating a circle with the ribbon.


Step three:  

Bunch the ribbon together making sure the seam is hidden in the middle.


Step four:

Take a much smaller piece of fabric to bunch the bow together and create your center. Sew the smaller piece of fabric together to create your bow.


Step five:

Take a barrette and slide it beneath the center, sew on the barrette through the holes available on it. Be sure to go only through the back side of the bow, not the entire thing.


You now have your own one of a kind bow!


How to Make a Headband

Step one:

Cut two pieces of fabric both approximately two feet in length. Loop the two pieces of fabric together.


Step two:

Sew the two ends together on each side.


Step three:

Sew a piece of elastic to each end joining them together to create the headband.


You now have a one-of-a-kind headband!

By: Desiree Pharias

Photos by Desiree


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