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Makeup Instagram accounts you must follow

By Meagan Pasley

Scrolling through different makeup looks on Instagram is one of my favorite things to do. I find amazing new makeup artists and get inspired by the looks I see. Even if they don’t have a large following, I believe it is important to support smaller but talented artists. Here are some of my favorite makeup Instagram’s that you must follow.

Gabi Greer – @gabigreeer

Makeup Instagrams 1

Photo courtesy of @gabigreeer

This 17-year-old makeup artist is one of my favorites to see when scrolling through Instagram. She posts amazing looks each week, such as this one showcasing the invisible liner trend. Not only does Gabi do every day looks, but she also does looks inspired by music albums and Disney movies.

Makeup Instagrams 2

Photo courtesy of @gabigreeer

When I saw this look, I was shocked someone had the talent and patience to draw a scene from Moana on their eyelid. I was even more baffled when I saw that she had less than 4,000 followers. Makeup artists (MUA) like Gabi deserve more recognition than she receives.

Charlie Auguste- @charlieauguste

Makeup Instagrams 3

Photo courtesy of @charlieauguste

Charlie is a MUA with an ever-changing hair color. I first saw Charlie’s bold brows and flawless foundation on Twitter and immediately knew I had to follow him.

Makeup Instagrams 4

Photo courtesy of @charlieauguste

Even with his hooded eyes, Charlie’s cut creases turn out beautiful each time. Every one of my attempts at this end up messy, with concealer all over my eyelid.

Also…who knew someone could make colored freckles look this good?

Makayla Turner- @glitterytearz

Makeup Instagrams 5

Photo courtesy of @glitterytearz

Makayla is another artist whose pictures I could stare at for hours. This purple glitter look changed my life when I saw it and solidified my love for glitter. All of her makeup looks are works of art, some even inspired by famous pieces.

Makeup Instagrams 6

Photo courtesy of @glitterytearz

She really took this look to the next level by not only drawing flowers on her face, but also down her body. Makayla always has different looks and goes beyond the typical maroon smokey eyes that fills your feed.

Following these Instagram accounts will liven up your feed with new people and give you more makeup inspiration for spring and summer!


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