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Matte lipstick made easy – because it starts as a liquid

By Marisol Magana

Lipstick has really come a long way – from pot, to tube, and now to liquid form. Yep, this is the future people. The science behind liquid-to-matte lipsticks is ridiculously simple. It starts as liquid, you apply it and in minutes it dries into a matte finish. Over the past year, many companies have come out with their own versions of liquid-to-matte lipsticks.

For something that’s not only cheap but easy to find, NYX‘s Soft Matte lip creams are totally worth a try. The colors range from baby pinks to deep purples. The colors are all named after exotic locations around the world and they have a sweet scent to them that smells like cream cheese frosting – yummy! As for longevity, in my experience they’re alright. If you’re eating or drinking, expect to reapply these once or twice. NYX has recently come out with a new product that is similar to their lip creams but comes in more vibrant colors.


Liquid-to-matte lipsticks – Photo by Marisol Managa

One of my personal favorite liquid lipsticks is made by a company called ColourPop which is based in L.A. Their Ultra Matte lipsticks combine a large color range with a fantastic formula. I own three of the more conservative colors from the collection. ‘Creeper’ is a beautiful true red, perfect for pulling together any look. ‘LAX’ is a dark burgundy but depending on your skin tone it may show as more brown. Either way it’s a color that would look great during fall. And finally ‘Zipper’ is a deep dark purple. And these are just the colors I own – the collection spans even wider than into oranges and blues. The formula is great considering the price. You can eat, drink, and kiss without worrying about reapplying or having to touch up.

Depending on the brand, your experience with liquid lipsticks can vary. The best way to figure out what you like is to try them yourself! However, keep in mind these tips to get the most out of your lipstick. Make sure your lips are dry. By dry, I don’t mean chapped. But when the product goes on, it needs a dry surface to stick to. Speaking of dry, some of the lipsticks (especially ColourPop’s Ultra Mattes) can be drying to the lips and difficult to take off. So make sure your lips are well taken care of before trying out any liquid to mattes.

Most come on doe foot applicators like lip gloss. They’re a little tricky to apply at first and if you make a mistake, it’s best to fix it before the lipstick dries completely. It may take a couple of tries to get the hang of them but once you get used to it, putting them on is just as easy as applying normal lipstick! The result is a striking matte finish that will give your look a unique twist. So try it out! Whether it’s NYX’s lip creams, ColourPop’s Ultra Mattes or any of the other dozens of brands that now carry liquid to matte lipsticks; they’re an addition to your makeup collection you won’t regret.


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