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Meet Andrew Steinheiser, Designer of SAVG Thread

By Megan Barbera

Roaming around the Style Villa at Phoenix Fashion Week a few weeks ago, there was an abundance of designer booths stocked with all kinds of pieces. However, there was a specific booth that especially caught my eye, flooded with eye-catching colors and streetwear-inspired patterns.


I learned that these designs were created by an Arizona State University senior named Andrew Steinheiser, owner of the up-and-coming brand SAVG Thread. This Tempe native creates edgy streetwear pieces that are not only on trend but unique in the sense that a majority of the t-shirts are hand-made and hand-designed.

Influenced by the boldness of EDM and skateboarding culture, this young designer wishes to make clothes for the wild and free.

“It’s for anyone who feels comfortable wearing loud and eccentric clothing,” Steinheiser said. 

SAVG Thread’s clothing can be repped by those who identify with rave culture, as well as those who love hard-hitting streetwear style. While brands like his are not uncommon in today’s time, Steinheiser differs himself through the quality he provides for his buyers.

“My dream would be to have an audience similar to Gucci’s so I can focus on making the absolute highest quality items for those that enjoy designer goods,” he said. 


While the brand is just four months old, it is clear that there is no stopping Steinheiser.

“I’ve hit the ground running with my brand about four months ago, and I’ve been loving every day of it. For me, it’s incredible to be able to deliver quality products to my friends and anyone else that supports my art,” Steinheiser said.

He recently released a collaboration line with fellow Tempe designer, Navajo Mermaid, that includes floral kimonos and bright textiles, surely to be on trend in the Arizona heat.

To see more of SAVG Thread and Steinheiser’s journey, check out his website and follow his Instagram @savgthread.


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