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Meet Haute Hippie Designer, Trish Wescoat Pound

I had the amazing opportunity to interview Haute Hippie designer, Trish Wescoat Pound, in Neiman Marcus at Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall on Thursday, October 17. With a Diet Coke in hand, she gave me a hug and sat down to chat with me about how Haute Hippie came to be the amazing brand that it is today.


From left to right: Justine Petersen, Trish Wescoat Pound, Daja Maxwell

Pound didn’t always want to be a fashion designer, yet life led her in the direction that ultimately helped her realize fashion was her creative outlet. She originally wanted to create something to express herself, and make clothes she couldn’t find but wanted to wear: something sexy and chic, yet feminine and comfortable. She did just that when she made her line, Haute Hippie. The line’s name was inspired by a woman who is original, free spirited and eclectic. She draws inspiration from her line from everywhere and everything including her 12-year-old daughter and Kate Moss.

photo 1-1-1

 Photo by Justine

The hip designer said she feels very lucky to be doing something she loves, which shows just how humble and down to earth she truly is. However, I think we are the lucky ones to be able to have her and her line in the fashion world. She has quickly become one of my favorite designers, for her inspirational, unique clothing, and her positive outlook on life.

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Photo by Justine

By: Justine Petersen


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