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Meet Negin Mirsalehi: your new favorite fashion blogger


By Daniella Rudoy

When we shamelessly stalk fashion bloggers, we can’t help but grow a little green with envy. They travel to all the countries we have on our bucket lists and wear clothes we would kill for. This fashion blogger is no exception. Meet Negin Mirsalehi, the Amsterdam- born fashionista, who is about to become your new style icon.

The Persian/Iranian beauty took a risk when she decided against using her Masters degree in marketing for a standard office job. Instead, she took to Instagram to start documenting her travels and stunning outfits.

Her account quickly started racking up views and followers, and using the momentum of her newfound fame, Negin took her status as fashion guru to the next level in 2012. She started her own blog where she posted her latest outfits, beauty tips and tutorials, and personal blog entries.

All of her fashion posts showcase her perfect drool-worthy sense of style, along with a brief summary of outfit details and what beautiful country she’s currently traveling with her equally beautiful boyfriend.

When asked who inspires her edgy feminine sense of fashion, Negin has always quickly replied, “OliviaPalermo.” Ironically Olivia has also admitted to admiring Negin’s style. Both

fashion geniuses have a similar effortless, mega heart-eyes look, so it’s no surprise that they’ve found inspirations in one other. Negin also finds inspiration in traveling the world and stumbling upon beautiful outfits on various social media platforms.

When Negin Mirsalehi isn’t making you jealous of her life, she’s partaking in photo shoots with Dior and Dolce & Gabbana, doing interviews with Marie Claire and winning awards; In 2014, she was awarded Stylight’s “Most Promising Fashion Blog” award.

Negin is a fashion goddess, a businesswoman, a social media queen, the head of a two-and a-half million member fan base and a style icon. She also plans to write a book one day to continue to inspire women to follow their dreams and to never give up on their passions.

Check out her site and get to know your new favorite blog!


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