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Meet – your online shopping destination

By Mikayla Morehead

The other day my roommate and I caught the bug to go shopping but we had a few dilemmas. One dilemma was that we did not want to go far enough that we needed to take a light rail. The other dilemma was that all the local stores around us were out of our budget. Our only solution was to shop online right from our dorm room.

My roommate mentioned that she had recently found a website called that sold their apparel for cheap. We both got on our laptops to browse. consists of dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes, jewelry and accessories. Immediately, we added a ton to our shopping cart. There were so many items that were fashionable and at a reasonable price.


In the end, my roommate’s shopping cart consisted of a two-piece crop top and pleated skirt combo and a purse. In my shopping cart I had two dresses, a long sleeve shirt and a sweatshirt. As we proceeded to checkout there are two prices that show up. One is the retail price and the other is the price. There is an option of receiving a coupon code for 40% off by signing up to their email list. We applied it to our purchase believing that the coupon would affect our price but that was not the case. The coupon code is used on the retail price. So it was not a big difference from our price.

The next step to checking out was shipping. We were caught off guard when the website said shipping was free. That was a great surprise! The website told us that we were suppose to have our merchandise is five to seven days. All of our merchandise came exactly on the seventh day.


The best part was receiving our packages. We waited seven whole days and the anticipation was eating us alive. The clothes came nicely packaged, folded in plastic wrap. The purse also came in plastic wrap but an edge of the purse was dented in. It was an easy fix though. We put a book in the purse and it regained its shape shortly after. Before trying on our clothes, we felt the material and thought it was questionable. In our hands it felt cheap. After trying on our clothes, we realized they were a great and comfortable fit.


Overall, I would suggest because their clothes are fashionable, reasonably priced, and guaranteed seven-day free shipping.


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