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Meet Texas Designer Jan Barboglio


Photo by Maria

Texas designer Jan Barboglio visited loyal followers of her collection and signed pieces at Scottsdale Neiuman Marcus on Friday, Oct. 11. Barboglio also presented her line of old rustic home décor and accessories that capture the allure and charm of old-town Mexico. Her works of art feature hand craftsmanship, high quality and heavy-weight iron.




Photos by Maria

When I had the chance to speak to Barboglio, it was quite pleasant because she spoke Spanish, she was warm and more than approachable. You could really see the passion in her eyes as she spoke about each piece in her collection and where the idea for the piece came from. Barboglio is also the kind of person who speaks with her hands and talks to you like she has known you forever.

She wasn’t always a home décor designer. She started out designing dresses and assured me it has all been a journey of self-discovery since. It is evident that her history, having grown up in Mexico and New Mexico, has inspired her work. She is greatly taken by all culture she sees.


Photo by Maria

Barboglio has become one of my favorite designers showing humility, quality and herself in all her work!

By: Maria Fabiola Portillo


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