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Meet The Designers of Planet Chic

By Amalie Rhebeck

The Chic Daily’s annual fashion show is Feb. 9, and this year it is bringing outer space to downtown Phoenix with “Planet Chic,” a theme that dares to go beyond anything Earth has seen before.

The show features Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising students at ASU, people in the community and even a local high school student as the designers.

Giovanna Manzo

Giovanna Manzo is featuring a collection at Planet Chic. Like many of the designers producing collections for the show, she is a student at FIDM where she is learning about how to build her brand, Giovanna Manzo. For the upcoming show, she is blending her on-brand knitted pieces with the modern look of Planet Chic.

“I pretty much took my personal style and merged it with the theme of the show,” she said. “This wasn’t too easy considering the already bold silhouette of the retro-futuristic style. However, with the drapability of my heavier-weight knits and the flowyness of the tulle, I was able to put my own spin on the ‘Planet Chic’ vibe.”

Manzo sells her knits on Depop, and is on Instagram @giovannaamanzo.


Candy Scott, designer of TECHNOIRCANDY, is excited to use her expertise in Space Core design to bring a sleek and futuristic element to the show. Her designs reflect the future of athleisure wear and are a perfect match to the cosmic theme of Planet Chic.

“The style of this collection is a blend of various influences, combining elements of futuristic aesthetics, gothic undertones, and classic bombshell glamor.”

Scott enjoys that every show is different in its own way, and she is excited to see what everyone else presents alongside her at Planet Chic.

Scott’s brand, TECHNOIRCANDY, can be found on her Linktree and website.

Aliah Zamudio

Aliah Zamudio, who is a stylist for Planet Chic, drew inspiration from various mood boards to create looks for the fashion show. Each look Zamudio created is meant to present emotion and uniqueness.

“My desire is to showcase my styling skills and creativity to the community. I aspire to empower individuals to feel confident in their self-expression,” she said. “Ultimately, I aim to demonstrate my capabilities and seamlessly integrate my cultural influences into my work.”

Being a stylist is a job that requires a lot of preparation and thought behind each aspect of the fashion show. Zamudio has curated thoughtful looks through hours of research, networking, purchasing clothes and planning. She views all of these things as part of her creative process.

“While bringing these looks to life before they hit the runway has its challenges, it's a rewarding process,” she said. “My intention is to embrace my creative side more than my perfectionist tendencies, making it a smoother and more innovative execution.”

Zamudio is active on Instagram, where all of her work is showcased @Pinkkbluntz.

Lena Mars Design

Elena Marshall, the designer for Lena Mars Design, is presenting a collection for Planet Chic titled “Denim Redesigned.” This line is a unique change from her denim collection that she presented at Arizona Fashion Week in October 2023, because she is allowing the models to dress themselves in the pieces she designed.

“For the planet chic show in particular, I really wanted to do a stylized version of this collection,” Marshall said. “I wanted each of my models to style themselves however they wanted so that my clothing could best represent their unique personalities.”

Marshall is excited to be a part of her first ASU fashion show and to see all of the other designers and their unique collections. She is most active on her Instagram account, as well as her website

Sabrina Miller 

Sabrina Miller is a high school student and a designer. The inspiration for her collection was her view of outer space. 

“My collection shows space the way I see it; glitz and glam and color,” Miller said. “It is a mix between my own personal fashion, femininity, and space with sparkles and ruffles galore.”

Her brand Sabrina Marie Designs is focused on creating clothes that people want to express themselves in, and she is hoping that Planet Chic will give her more experience to grow and be successful.

She is on Instagram @sabrinamariedesigns.

Funky Angel

Katie Symone Tracy is the designer behind the brand Funky Angel, a brand which she described as “a mix of delicate and expressive.” She is looking towards getting the brand name Funky Angel out into the world as she continues to earn her degree at ASU.

“I hope in time to find a place in the fashion industry where I can be creative and explore the beauty of expression through clothes daily,” she said. “In the meantime, I plan to get my master’s in fashion design and work as a bespoke tailor.”


All of Tracy’s pieces from her collection will be sold after the show, and you can learn more about Funky Angel @FUNKYANGEL.777 on Instagram.

Designs by EGR

Designs by EGR is a brand created by Elyse Rivera. Her muse for designing a line for Planet Chic was all about sustainability and giving old fabrics new life.

“I wanted to experiment with a new type of upcycling through repurposing old home goods like curtains, sheets, tablecloths and so much more,” she said. “The best part of my creative process would have to be watching old home decor from Goodwill turn into chic fashion.”

Like most designers, Rivera is excited about the experience that working on a runway show will give her. To learn more about Designs by EGR, Rivera has an Instagram account: @designsbyegr

Nyx Krosting

Nyx Krosting, a sophomore at the FIDM at ASU, was inspired by the Arizona desert for creative inspiration when designing a line for Planet Chic.

“This year's collection I was intrigued with finding all things alien that were already on our own planet,” Krosting said. “From the animals, landscape, and plants- everything in the desert has evolved over centuries to become harsh and survive in scarcity. I also was drawn to works of science fiction and fantasy that took inspiration from the desert terrain, such as Dune, Nausiccä and the Valley of the Wind, and The Boy and his Horse.” 

Krosting is focused on gaining new experiences through Planet Chic and being able to collaborate with new people to create quality designs.

You can follow Nyx Krosting on Instagram @nyxx._.xxyn.


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