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Meet Tik Toker Hudson Roberts

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

By Devon Greene

A 17-year-old from Cedar Park, Texas has quickly grown from your average small-town boy to an internet sensation.

What started off as a $20 bet with his sister developed into something bigger than originally expected. Infamous for his relationship advice videos and his signature “forced laugh,” Hudson Roberts has about 1.7 million followers on Tik Tok.

Tik Tok is an entertainment and social platform for people to post short videos of just about anything and everything. If you ask basically anyone who has downloaded the app, it is really a black hole where watching videos for what seems to be 30 minutes, is actually a few hours.

Since gaining a large following on the app, Roberts has signed to one of the largest social media influence networking companies, Vivid Management, that has also signed other people on the app, such as Lilhuddy (has about 5.8 million followers) and Chaser (has about 4.1 million followers).

He has even released his own line of merchandise with Vivid.

Becoming famous on this app has introduced Roberts to the highs and lows of internet fame.

From being recognized in public by his supporters and having fan pages on Instagram, Roberts seemingly has it all.

Contradictory to all the positives that come with internet fame, there are negatives that follow, like having people now befriend him because of his rising fame or having people unfriend him for that exact reason.

In terms of creating a video, it only takes Roberts about 60 seconds to make a video.

It starts off with an idea: he generally scrolls through the “For You” page for about 30 minutes to see if there is anything new or trending.

He then gathers an idea and makes the video, making it seem extremely effortless.

He likes to be the most positive and influential person he can be. In his videos, he always likes to be smiling and laughing or making those watching smile.

With his audience consisting of mainly younger females, he wants to influence them to be happy or find happiness in something as small as his videos.

Having that, dare I say, Tik Tok clout is a tricky game to navigate, yet Roberts seems to handle it extremely well.

Despite adversities, Hudson Roberts is still your traditional high school senior.

He enjoys playing baseball and spending time with his friends. Education is extremely important to him, so despite rising fame, he still plans on attending college in Texas next year.

When asking him if the opportunities created through Tik Tok had derailed his future plans at all he says he’s struggled with managing school, social life, and Tik Tok, it’s all about “finding that good balance between everything.”

“I think the plan that I had before is still the plan I have now.” -Hudson Roberts

A message to his fans?

Roberts says, “If I could say this to each and every one of them, I would say ‘Thank you.’ Because’ they changed my life tremendously.”

Following, he says if he ever attends an event for Tik Tok, he would do whatever he could to meet every supporter individually.

“It just opened a lot of doors and changed my life more than they probably realized.”

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