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Meet Tudor Arvinte: Seattle’s newest young musician

By: Lauren Bukoskey

To get out of Colorado and join the Seattle music scene: that was Tudor Arvinte’s goal when he chose to go to the University of Washington.

Three months ago, Arvinte, who goes by stage name Luca, released his first single as a sophomore in college while studying finance, moving him closer to his goals and expanding his continuing growth as a musician.


Photo by Steven Morley

Arvinte  would perform back home in Colorado, but has been catching traction especially with his song “Quite the View” while in college. He plays all the instruments featured in his music  (he can also play the recorder thanks to his third grade knowledge, but unfortunately that doesn’t make the album) and he also produces it.

“I asked for my joint Christmas and birthday present if I could record in a studio,” Arvinte said. “I’ve gone from there.”

It’s all about getting your foot in the door and Arvinte is pushing ahead to make it in Seattle. The city provides a unique and inspiring music environment that fits exactly what Arvinte models his style after. Arvinte gravitates towards more of an acoustic sound, drawing inspiration from musicians like Jack Johnson and John Mayer.

“When you’re making music, you just take bits and pieces of what you’re listening to and make it your own,” Arvinte said.

In between his classes, Arvinte has found a process in recording a sound and listening to it on his way to and from class. It is challenging to make time for his music, but like any student can tell you, college life is a juggling act.

“I think you make time for what you care about, you know? I think a lot of students have a lot more time than they think they have, but they choose to use it in a way that’s not as productive,” Arvinte said. “I’m passionate about music so I make sure to make time for that.”

Although Arvinte is thinking about a career in real estate, he would like to continue to focus on his music.


“I think it’s possible to do both. I think it would be really awesome to either open a studio either here [in Seattle] or Boulder,” Arvinte said.

Before he came to the University of Washington, Arvinte couldn’t stop dreaming about pursuing his passion, similar to many freshman that begin their college journey’s with large goals. 

“I had a conversation with myself saying this is my dream and if you don’t get serious about what I’m passionate about, what am I doing?” Arvinte said. “Just because it’s intimidating doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do it.”

While the possibility of facing embarrassment and failure deters most of aspiring musicians, Arvinte didn’t let the “what ifs” phase him.

“I sacked up and just said I’m going to do it,” Arvinte said.

And so… he is pursuing his passion for music, despite his fears.  

He is writing, strumming, and creating his way into the Seattle music scene with his honest and vulnerable acoustic music. His favorite song off his upcoming album is “Standing Strong.”  

“The song’s about getting up and moving forward one step at a time after something shitty happens,” Arvinte said.

The full album will be released on June 10th. 

Listen to his music here!

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