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Men’s hair-spiration: Man buns

By Keegan Kelly

It is a common saying that fashion trends repeat themselves. The current popularity of the “man bun” is no exception. The man bun dates back to ancient India, with many secondary Buddha statues showing the spiritual figure with his hair in a bun. Throughout the late 20th century, the man bun has consistently been a known hair style, but recently, the look has gained a huge boost in popularity. Not only has the man bun become more frequent, it has branched out into multiple styles.

Andrew Garfield // Photo retrieved from The Hollywood Reporter

Andrew Garfield // Photo retrieved from The Hollywood Reporter

Many attribute David Beckham for the rise in the man bun popularity. Beckham rocked the traditional form of the man bun which includes all the hair tied into one bun. This is the most common style of the man bun and has been taken upon by multiple celebrities. Some of these celebrities include Leonardo DiCaprio, Jake Gyllenhaal and Andrew Garfield.

Gareth Bale // Photo retrieved from

Gareth Bale // Photo retrieved from Mens Hair Forum

The half-up/half-down look is another common way the man bun is worn In this style of the man bun, the actual bun is smaller in exchange for more hair hung from the back of the head. This style of man bun is rocked by celebrities such as Bradley Cooper, Gareth Bale and Harry Styles.

Colin Farrell // Photo retrieved from The Odyssey Online

Colin Farrell // Photo retrieved from The Odyssey Online

The two previous styles have been relatively common over the past decade. This third style is much newer and more unique. This style is known as the man bun undercut. The man bun undercut is when the sides of the head are shaved but the hair is kept long on top in order to make the bun. This style has not been as frequent in Hollywood as the other two. Instead, it is much more common around hipster and skater crowds.

It may be likely that the man bun has reached its peak, but right now it seems to be a current staple in men’s fashion.


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