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Milan Fashion Week | Recap of Sept 22 Shows

Midway into Milan Fashion Week and the trends keep coming! From business chic to flowing florals, I have the details on Fendi, Bottega Veneta, Jil Sander and Emilio Pucci on all of the trends for this upcoming Spring and Summer of 2013.

Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta showed a collection with dresses with color pallets ranging from black and white to mustard yellows and deep reds, striking the audience with curiosity as the models walked down the runway in their patterned dresses and unique textiles. Some dresses had more modern and flattering fits, while others were reminiscent of the 1940s. As you can see in the photo, Veneta’s creations were typically recognizable with floral patterns, some lace and a splash of fringe.


The nude palette, usually paired with a splash or bright blue or light coral, was eye-catching in the Fendi collection this year. Models had makeup underlining their eyes with complimenting neutrals and pastels. Another sighting for must-have shoes, with the asymmetrical, curvy, oyster shaped shoes and studded heels. Let’s not forget about Fendi’s well-known fur trend. The pieces were distinguishable with the common fur covered purses and abstract fuzzy fur coat.

Jil Sander

The models sauntered down the runway as if walking straight into work. Jil Sander sent her models out, showing off styles that evoked a sense of boldness, with solid colors, sharp lines, and was the least “high fashion” with simple button downs and plain color schemes dashed in white, navy and burgundy. The vibe was very professional and seemingly wearable for any occupation requiring appropriate attire.

Emilio Pucci

With almost every item created with sheer material, each one also had hidden images places on the frames and sleeves of the outfit, giving an oriental feel to the creations. There was an obvious japanese influence, and attractive, alluring cuts to some, if not most, of the ensembles. Blacks, golds and a few bold white pieces could double as both apparel for a “night out” or as a wedding dress.

Megan Michalski


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