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Milan Fashion Week | Recap of Sept 24 Shows

Opulent opposition characterized the sixth day of Milan Fashion Week, which included a beautifully coarse collection from Dsquared² and a tenderly stylish compilation from Roberto Cavalli.


A nod to femme fatal, Dsquared², conjured a runway look mastering a chic blend of sinister splendor.  Models with thick layers of eyeliner accessorized vamp ensembles of leathers, miniskirts and tight tees with an assortment of thick, gold chains, chunky pearls and leather motorcycle hats.

Roberto Cavalli

What Dsquared² offered in seduction Roberto Cavalli countered with looks saturated with elegant purity.  Running through a gradient ranging from white to black, Cavalli pieced together a collection looks that embodied pure masculinity – think pantsuits, tailored blazers and loose trousers – or pure femininity, with obvious traces of lace, chiffon and beadwork.

Jessica Abercrombie

Photo Credits: Dsquared² // Roberto Cavalli


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