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Monthly Music Mix: January Favorites

By Meg Barbera

Hello, February! Spring break is quickly approaching, and whether you’re spending it with your significant other, your best pals, or at home with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s, there’s always one thing that can bring everyone together: Music.


The new year most definitely brought new music. January was filled with fresh sounds from both up-and-coming and well-known artists.

Releases from Migos and Drake were the most talked about, and strong R&B female singers seemed to be the theme of the month, as Jhene Aiko, Tinashe and H.E.R all released new singles.

Let’s take a look at some of my favorite releases from last month. Read about them below, and check out my Spotify playlist that compiles all my favorites in one place.


Brooklyn-based R&B singer Justine Skye released the 10-song album “ULTRAVIOLET” on Jan. 19. Her hard-hitting beats and smooth lyrics earned her a top spot on my favorites list.


Photo courtesy of Rap-Up.

This album shows diversity in sound, as tracks like “Back For Life” and “U Don’t Know” bring a fun dancehall vibe, and songs like “You Got Me’ and “Best For Last” showcase a modern, powerful sound.

“ULTRAVIOLET” is perfect for the ladies, as well as anyone who loves modern R&B.

Rejjie Snow: Dear Annie Parts 1 and 2

Rejjie Snow, an Irish hip-hop/R&B singer and definite artist to watch in 2018, released EPs “Dear Annie: Part 1” and “Dear Annie: Part 2” this month, setting the year off with a smooth, jazzy feel.


Photo courtesy of Genius.

These songs have a unique vibe, with song “Egyptian Luvr” giving off a fun, dancey feel, and songs like “23” and “The Rain” showing hints of a groovy, jazz-inspired sound.

These EPs are meant for a sunny weekend with your friends, and they are a certain recommendation for anyone who loves to hear new sounds from up-and-coming artists.

Jhene Aiko: Sativa (Remix) with Rae Sremmurd

Jhene Aiko brought a fresh sound to an already hot track by adding Rae Sremmurd to her song “Sativa.”


Photo courtesy of Rap-Up.

This song has a smooth, wavy feel to it, and Rae Sremmurd balances out Aiko’s sweet, seductive sound to create an aesthetically pleasing and on-trend R&B track.

Russ: “Some Time” and “Flip”

Russ is cooking up some heat this year, as he releases singles “Flip” and “Some Time” on Jan. 11 and 25.


Photo courtesy of Genius.

These hard-hitting songs add a tougher vibe to Russ’s typically chiller sound, possibly hinting at a new album in the works for this year.

What are you listening to this month? Let us know on Instagram and Twitter!


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