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Motorsports to Enter the Fashion World

By Olivia Madrid

The world of motorsports has made a seamless transition into the fashion industry, melding the sleekness of leather with the designs of drivers' sponsor logos. Recently, a new trend has emerged in the ever-evolving landscape of motorsport-inspired fashion, captivating both enthusiasts and trendsetters alike.

The latest trend in motorsport-styled fashion is all about embracing the bold and dynamic aesthetics seen on racetracks, featuring vibrant stripes and checkerboard patterns that pay homage to the iconic designs of Formula One and NASCAR. This trend celebrates the adrenaline rush of motorsport while making a statement on the streets.

This relationship between motorsports and fashion isn’t new, as Harley Davidson brought leather jackets and motor boots to mainstream fashion. But, since F1’s huge boost in popularity lately, the style has also made its way into influencing high-end designers, such as Masha Pova.

Incorporated are intricate details from motorsport, such as tire tracks and the bright colors that are flaunted on cars. Ancuta Sarca, a Roman designer who debuted in 2019, has taken the sporty fashion a step further with their sneaker mules as well as their most recent collaboration with SKIMS to create motorsport esc bodysuits.

In recent news, artist A$AP Rocky was titled creative director for PUMA and F1’s partnership, which was made official earlier this year. This partnership allows PUMA to make F1 branded merchandise, and sell these branded clothes at all PUMA stores. PUMA is now the official supplier for F1, and with Rocky’s sensational fashion and knowledge, consumers, whether PUMA or F1 fans, should expect a limited edition line in the next months.

Other popular celebrities, like model Bella Hadid and artist Rosalia, have also stepped into the motorsport trend, wearing streetwear brands like Diesel which have propelled the motorsport-influenced wear to pick up speed. Brands have even upped the ante with Gucci and Palace collaborating to create a real motorcycle.

With the Las Vegas Grand Prix coming up on November 18, fans should be expected to bring on their best motorsport fit, buying into this trend more and more. With the newest PUMA announcement, you’ll be sure to find everyone walking the streets in motor-core fashion.


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