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Music Festival Makeup Looks

Makeup is not only an accessory to fashion, it is a method of self-expression. One of the best aspects of makeup is that it can communicate your mood and personal style. Moreover, just as outfits can be created to fit a specific event, so can makeup looks. Experimenting with different colors and styles can be fun because it can alleviate any intimidation beginners may have.

One of the best atmospheres for self-expression is at music festivals, which are popular throughout different cultures around the world. Music festival fashion is distinguished by flower head crowns, lace, crochet, henna tattoos, gladiators and long, bohemian hair styles. Music festival makeup is also very distinctive, with casual vibes and hints of bright color. Most of the time, festivals are held outdoors so looks can be transformed from day-to-night. While the sun is still up,keep your makeup light, both in color and in density. Shimmery-pigmented lids with some matte colors in the crease and brow bone are ideal for daytime.


To add a spontaneous hint of color, sweep a sparkly pastel color under the lower lash line. For extra flare around the eyes, use stick-on jewels to create a pattern on the outer corner of eyes. The design is completely up to the individual, so be sure to put your own flare into it! A light pink lip keeps this look appropriate for daywear.


Later, when the sun goes down, add a bolder lip, like a deep rosy pink, or if you’re feeling really adventurous- a deep burgundy or plum color. For a more intense look, add some dark brown matte colors in the crease and brow bone, as well as to the outer corner. This will intensify the makeup because it creates a smokier eye look, and let’s be honest, adding some sparkles never hurts! Remember to be creative and to stay true to your own style.

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Article by: Nicole Genova


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