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My College Workout Routine

By Alyssa Fuentes

Working out at the gym can be intimidating – especially a gym full of your fellow college students where you’re bound to run into somebody you know. However, the downtown Sun Devil Fitness Center (SDFC) has awesome facilities for students. It would be a shame not to take advantage of all it has to offer!

So, if you’re worried about how to get started at the SDFC, have no fear! I consulted with some fellow students of my own and came up with a basic strategy for kicking off your college gym experience.

At the beginning of my workout, I always run. Whether I do so on the treadmill or the track depends on my mood – for example, if I’m in the middle of a very important episode of Stranger Things, I watch Netflix while running on the treadmill.

But if I’m pumped up and ready to jam out to some music, (and if I want to move a little more) I work out on the track. Running is an awesome way to start out because you can set the time, pace and intensity of your own personal workout.

After I run, I like to work out my core. Here are some great exercises that you can do anywhere – in your dorm, on the track, on a mat or in a weight room.

Bent Leg Drop

This exercise consists of lying on your back with both legs in the air and bent at 90-degree angles. From here, drop one leg to the ground, and keep it at a constant right angle.

You should constantly be alternating legs – while one drops, the other is in the air. This exercise is great for strengthening your core.


This exercise will make your abs burn like no other. With just your shoulders and head off the ground, reach to one side and touch your ankle, then repeat on the other side.

This constant motion, along with your core working to keep your upper body off the ground, is a great way to work out and tone your midsection.

Russian Twists

In a sitting-up position, keep your legs in the air and twist from side to side. This motion works out several parts of your core by keeping your feet off the ground and by maintaining the twisting motion.

You will need pretty good balance to keep from falling over the first few times (like I did!), but this exercise is a great way to keep your core strong.

When I finish my core I like to end with some arm exercises. I usually grab some dumbbells and do different lifts in sets of seven.

The three types of exercises I do most often are bicep curls, side lateral raises, and front raises. These are usually some good basics to start with – and you can change the number of sets and the weights of the dumbbells according to your preferences.

Staying fit is something that’s incredibly important, especially in college. Not only does it improve your health, but it’s a great stress reliever.

If you’re new to the gym environment, focus on the basic exercises for workouts you’re interested in and progress from there.

Working out can be really fun, even when it’s in front of other people. Just make a plan and execute it; once you figure out what you like and what works for you, you’ll be a pro!

What are your favorite workout tips? Let us know in the comments!


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