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My experience as an FJC exec + Why you should join our team

By Emily Taylor

Announcing FJC EXEC Spring 2017” sat boldfaced on my computer screen.

The message I was constantly checking my email for finally arrived. There it was, patiently sitting in my inbox, just waiting to be opened.

I was like a kid on Christmas morning waiting to rip open the red, shiny presents underneath the tree – anxious yet excited to see what was inside, nonetheless. I carefully read the message’s every word, curious if my name would be on it…and there it was. Emily Taylor.

Parallel to my name was the title Editor-in-Chief.

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I heard about Arizona State University’s (ASU) Fashion Journalism Club (FJC) when I was a high school sophomore. I completely fangirled over an organization I wasn’t even a member of. I followed FJC on Instagram and began reading blog posts on The Chic Daily.

Fast forward three years later, and I was starting my college journey at the Walter Cronkite School. When I stepped foot into Cronkite’s organization night, I scanned the room for the FJC table and eagerly signed up.

Ready for the first meeting, I got dressed up in a paisley swing dress and black wedges. In the brilliant words of Mr. Oscar Wilde, “you can never be overdressed…” even for a half-hour meeting.

I left feeling a sense of belonging and anticipation. I was surrounded by people who not only love fashion, beauty, and lifestyle just as much as I do, but who also see the journalistic aspect of it all. Fashion journalism is rarely taken seriously, so to find an environment where it is, inspired me.

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As any school club, attendance dwindled as the year passed; however, a core group of dedicated members continued to stick around. Through these people, I saw how great the club’s potential to be bigger and better was. When I learned the club was in search of officers for the second semester, I quickly sent in my application, wanting nothing more than to be a part of this growth.

Since becoming an FJC officer, my experience has been greater than I ever imagined. Although I was nervous to be put into this new leadership role, I quickly learned it’s about making the position all your own and finding a personal way of accomplishing your responsibilities.

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Being entrusted to read and review the written works of others was an honor. This position shaped me as a journalist in a number of ways. Observing the various sentence structures and word fluidity members used to tell stories allowed me to expand and strengthen my own writing skills. Beyond this, I was also very lucky to work alongside a strong executive team that gave me a new perspective on what it means to be a leader and fashion journalist.

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Though the executives all had different career goals, whether that be to become a magazine editor, work for a PR firm or master the art of photojournalism, our love for fashion was the unifying factor permitting FJC to run like a well-oiled machine.

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I am grateful to say I will be taking over the role of FJC President in the coming school year. By having guest speakers from inside the industry, covering a range of events and icons and expanding our media platforms, I know this club will continue to build the repertoire every strong brand needs.

This requires a range of skillsets, which is where you come in; whether that be writing, photography, marketing, designing, editing, you name it, FJC needs you!

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For those looking for an outlet to discuss their passion for fashion without judgement, seeking ways to get closer to their goals or simply wanting a platform to share their voice, I encourage you to join our FJC family this coming fall 2017 semester. We are always open to newcomers and love having fresh voices join our blogging team.

We are also on the hunt for a new Editor-in-Chief and Social Media Coordinator. If either of these titles pique your interest, apply to be an exec! These titles are, of course, impressive on resumes, but they are so much more than that too. They are an opportunity to network, enhance your professional skills and become the fashion journalist you are meant to be.

To apply to be an FJC executive, fill out the Word Document on the home page and send to

For more information, email with any questions


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