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My experience at Phoenix Fashion Week

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

By: Riley Anderson

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Once the pre-show lights and cameras finished,  it was time for the show to begin. I was squirming in my seat with excitement. The first set designers presented clothes for a more casual, everyday look. These designs were all very unique but meant for everyday fashion. My favorite collection was by Molly Kate Cline  because all her clothing is sustainable. This means her fabrics are environmentally safe and can be recycled easily. For me, the most unique collection from the first half was the collection Sisi Aduke. This is a brand that encourages beauty in color. They provide beautiful African designs with a modern sense of style.

For the second half of the show, the designers presented clothing that was more



My first fashion show experience was beyond fun. It was really cool to see the new trends people create every day. If you ever get a chance to attend a local show, I would definitely recommend. You never know who you may run into or what opportunities can come from it.

Picture courtesy of the @phxfashionweek Instagram stories. Go check out their videos and pictures for more chic collections and behind the scenes.

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