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My Favorite Spring 2017 Trends

By Marisa Pieper

It’s officially April. The flowers are blooming, the smell of orange blossom is in the air and this season’s fashion is as fresh as the blooms! I’m obsessed with some of the street style I’ve been seeing around campus. Although finals are approaching fast, all I can think about are these new spring trends.

The staple I’m most obsessed with right now is the “striped pants look.” I’m currently on the lookout for a pair that will be my go-to summer work outfit, because I still have to look business casual even when it’s 95-degrees out.


This look inspires me! Who doesn’t love a good Rosie Huntington candid, right? Drop the blazer and swap the chunky purse for a long, delicate, necklace. Then you’ll have an ultra-cute spring, business look.

Striped pants aren’t only for business though. You could dress them up for going out, or dress them down for a casual day around the town.

I love how this striped pant is paired with a leather jacket for those leatherette vibes. So chic.


This sweater, messy bun pairing is making me want to plan a brunch date with my B.F.F’s. It’s the perfect lazy Saturday/Sunday morning look!


My next favorite spring trend is camouflage! I don’t think I’ve worn camo since I was 10…maybe 8, but it’s back! I mean maybe I wasn’t looking or it never left but whatever the case is, it’s back and so chic!

This is one of my besties, Lauren. She is such a model and looks so fresh in these camo pants! You can catch her looking like a goddess on her Instagram, @miss_motivated12


I had a jaw drop moment when I saw the way this camo jacket was paired with an adorable sweater dress and boots. You know those days we’ve been having where it’s in the 70’s and feels weirdly chilly? Well this outfit is perfect for those days. So trendy and so cute.


There are so many ways to wear camo and they all rock. Pair an edgy camo denim skirt with a white tank or white crop top and you have a bombshell of an outfit!


This next trend is so killer. It can be business chic or totally casual and I’m obsessed with it.

Two words: Long. Blazer.

And in velvet, paired with shorts?! It seriously can’t get any better. I can’t wait to recreate this outfit.


Then the tweed is so campus chic. Roll up the sleeves to give them a little scrunch and pair with leather shorts for a cool college girl vibe. I am so here for this look!


Finally, my personal favorite part, accessories! I wanted to focus specifically on sunglasses because we all know that sun is coming up and shining way too bright for bare eyes. Here are three styles I’m into this spring.


I’ve seen so many oversized sunglasses, especially in cool geometric shapes! My favorites are the ones with bold details and unique designs because they could be the focal point of an outfit which will bring people’s attention to your beautiful face! On the other hand, ones with simpler designs and details could be great accent accessories to outfits too.


However, you’re implementing these trends into your wardrobes this season, be sure to top it off with a big dose of confidence and sunscreen. Happy Spring 2017!



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