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My Spain Look Book

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

By Isabella Fredrickson

Traveling and all that entails is such an amazing thing.

The views, foods, experiences and of course, the outfits.

But what do you wear? What should you pack? How do you look cute on a college-student budget?

For spring break, I traveled to Madrid, Spain. Each of my outfits was composed of pieces that were affordable and comfy enough to explore the city and its museums all day. They were also versatile enough to be layered with a jacket when it got cold.

So, here is my Spain lookbook!

Day 1: flying to Spain “airport look”

For my traveling day, my main focus was to be comfy, since I would be on an airplane for a good 12 hours.

Tank: PacSun

Jacket: PacSun

Leggings: Zella

Shoes: Nordstrom

Day 2: First full day!

Shirt: Papaya

Jeans: Fashionnova

Sunglasses: Pitaya

Shoes: Macy’s

This outfit was super-stylish, but I was still able to walk around the city and museums all day. I layered it with my teddy jacket when it was chilly.

Me walking through Madrid in the morning

Me in front of the National Archaeological Museum

Me walking through Madrid in the afternoon (with no jacket)

Day 3

Wrap top: Zara

Jeans: Fashionnova

Shoes: Macy’s

The wrap shirt was thick and kept me warm all day.

In front of the Prado Museum

Me in the Gran Via, Madrid’s most famous street

Day 4

Top: Forever 21

Jeans: Fashionnova

Boots: JcPenney

This was easily one of my favorite outfits. The knee-high heeled boots were a statement on its own.

Inside the Royal Palace of Madrid

Outside the front of the Royal Palace

Standing in Plaza Mayor

Day 5: last full day

Top: Papaya

Jeans: Fashionnova

Shoes: Macy’s

It was a bit chilly this day, but the woven knit sweater kept me warm.

Me at breakfast

Mercado San Anton

As you can see, many of my pieces of clothing were black and white or neutral-toned. This worked out because if one thing got dirty and I had to change mid-day, my outfits would still coordinate.

I made sure that the big jacket I brought was a neutral color, so it would match all of my outfits. All of my shoes were black, so they would go with all of my outfits.

Spain in March was in the lower 60’s, so by combining jeans and a long sleeve, it ended up working perfectly.

Travel Tip: Before traveling, be sure to check the weather where you are going. Also, try on your outfits before packing, so you have an idea of what you want to wear. Lastly, pack for warmer and colder temperatures because you never know if things could change. I packed a few warmer sweaters as well as some other tanks, just in case.


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