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Nail Options: Pros and Cons

Nail Options: Pros and Cons

Nail polish has been in the Western Hemisphere some say since the Industrial Revolution. We all have our favorite shades, kind of glitter and the old goopy bottle we just can’t seem to part with. In recent years, a woman’s manicure has the power to essentially make or break her whole look. An outfit is simply not complete unless your nails are on point with it! But, with so many options these days, it’s hard to know which one of these options is the best for you, right?

Acrylic 1

                         Photo Courtesy of Pinterest | Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Acrylic Nails:

I know acrylic nails have been given a bad reputation over time with the supposed damage that is done to your nail beds, and the thought of attaching something to your fingertips can scare some off. However, acrylic nails are very durable and allow for a lot of variety when it comes to nail shape, design, and length. They can be as long or as short as you prefer.

One of the major things to take into consideration if you decide to have acrylic nails put on, is that the initial cost of getting them done may be expensive, and your nails will need to be filled in every 2-3 weeks, which can add up financially. The removal process for acrylics is pretty simple. You just need pure acetone nail polish remover, and to soak your nails until the acrylic becomes soft, then the nail will simply slide off. If there is damage done to your nail bed there are drug store treatments meant to strengthen your nails back to normal!

Gel Nail Polish:

Gel nail polish (AKA Shellac) has become very popular recently as it is durable like acrylic nails, but allows for a more natural look. The gel maintains shine and does not chip like normal polish and it is not actually filed and attached to your nail like acrylics, so there is less damage done to the nail bed.

Gel Art 1
Gel Art 2

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest | Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Since gel nail polish has become more of a trend, the expense of getting a gel manicure is a little pricier as opposed to a regular polish manicure. If you get a gel manicure professionally done, I would suggest going back to the salon for removal, as the process is more extensive. The gel has to soak with nail polish remover on cotton balls or pads on your nails for at least 10 minutes to soften the gel enough to be scraped off and to prevent damage. Ripping or tearing the gel off yourself can take the top layer of your nail off causing thinning, tearing or even breaking of the natural nail.

Regular Nail Polish:

The classic. Regular nail polish is both a blessing and a curse within itself. As it is the most diverse in its uses, it also takes the longest to dry, and chips faster on natural nails than gel. However, you have the freedom to change your nails whenever you want since the removal is as simple as some nail polish remover and a cotton ball!

Nail Polish 1
Nail Polish 2

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest | Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

The cost of a professional manicure is the cheapest with regular polish, but it does not last as long. When is comes to pedicures however, I see regular polish as the perfect option, because toe nail polish does not chip as fast, so you can get more for less cost. Nail art is also easier to execute with regular nail polish, as it is most like paint, unlike gel polish.

We all have our preferences, and I hoped this helped if you are thinking about changing up your manicure style! Thanks for reading!

Article by Courtney Mally


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