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New York Fashion Week | Recap of Sept 13 Shows

Yesterday New York Fashion Week was all about extreme variety, entirely different views on what the themes of the Spring should be and statements loud enough to drown out even the clatter of multiple pairs of stilettos. Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren brought New York Fashion Week to a close, with both strutting in, taking the stage and taking over New York, leaving a flooding of creative genius for people to remember.

Calvin Klein

The theme for Calvin Klein’s collection switched between sheer and solid white, black and occasionally eggshell or creme.  Low, sharply cut necklines and vertical line patterns were used to make this collection all about loud accentuation, introducing us to a world in which classy and dangerous can coexist gloriously.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren’s collection had hats, loud scarves or heavy necklaces, and astonishingly bold colors, floral patterns, or rainbow stripes on nearly every outfit.  Although it gives off a vibe of retro and colorful mixed in with an old-fashioned artistic flare, the collection’s overall appearance is astonishingly modern.

Ami Sanghvi

Photo Credits: Calvin Klein // Ralph Lauren


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