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New York Fashion Week | Recap of Sept 8 Shows

New York Fashion Week has not let us down so far, and the shows from Sept 8 continued to wow us. We seriously adored the shows from Lacoste, Jill Stuart, Herve Leger and Monique Lhullier.


Lacoste used a mixture of colors in their collection, among them white, navy, red, blue, etc.  While their infamous logo was displayed in some of the designs it was not included in all of them. The collection included everything from dresses, baggy outfits and clear coat outfits.

Jill Stuart

Some of Jill Stuart’s collection contained patterns of leaves and flowers. Although a few designs did included sequins and the color black, a lot of her colors were on the lighter side of the spectrum. The designs included dresses and pant/ shirts combos. The eye make-up of the models stood out with a burgundy color.

Hervé Léger

This collection by Hervé Léger contained many different patterns and colors. They had one dress that was a body fit type of dress that included the colors black, grey, yellow, blue, and a sort of burgundy. This is an example of the colors used. The shoes used were black and beige open toed that went past the ankle. Many of these outfits were the type that clung to the body.

Monique Lhullier

One of the first things that you notice in this collection is the bright blue eye shadow used by the models and the blue and beige backdrop. This collection also included different patterns but a theme that I saw was of water. The main color seen was blue.

These were just four of my favorites, what was one of yours?

Cassie Castaneda


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