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(Not so last minute) Valentine’s Day outfits

As we all know Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means the stress of picking the perfect outfit has gotten to an all-time high. Well I am here to be your fashion godmother, do not worry!

Depending if you are going to a lunch date or an elegant outing, I came up with some outfit ideas for each scenario. For a casual date you can wear a black deep V-neck top with a pink or red blazer.

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Along with that blazer could be some ripped boyfriend jeans with a pair of black high strap open-toed heels, this should seal thedeal! Jewelry should be kept simple like the gold necklaces in the picture.

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

For my ladies that are going to an elegant outing with their dates, a black tight fitted skirt with a chic halter top as shown in the picture should do the job. To complement the outfit you need the perfect pumps.

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Chestnut laced pumps like shown in the picture are beyond perfection! With some gold chandelier earrings and stacked up rings you will be ready to go!


Left Photo Courtesy of | Right Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Alright my beauts, hopefully I helped some of you out and remember have fun, be you! Have class with a little a bit of sass! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Article by Heisy Rivera


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