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Not-So-Tacky Sweaters

When the holiday season rolls around each year, one item always seems to be as much of a staple as pumpkin pie-the Christmas tree sweater. Fortunately, sweaters have taken a turn for the best this holiday season with bright colors, patterns that pop and even sweater socks and skirts. There are many sweater trends to wear at your not-so-tacky-sweater holiday parties and a wide variety to choose from your favorite stores.

J. Crew

Although J. Crew offers mostly timeless and effortless pieces, this store does not lack a sense of character. It would be the best option for a classic cashmere sweater, but quirky sweaters with graphic prints are not a rare find. A few trends seen here are bright colors, the preppy look and whimsical prints.

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Forever 21

For the trend-conscious shoppers, one cannot go wrong with Forever 21. Not only is there a wide array of options available, but the store is wallet friendly, too. One thing is certain: daring styles are not shied away from here. The most popular picks for sweaters include metallics and sequins, polka dots and pearlescent embellishments.

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When you want a store that has it all, look no further than H&M. Style is surely not lacking from the Swedish clothing company, and price is no obstacle here. From clean-cut sweaters with feminine details to those that are warm and cozy, H&M does the holiday sweater with no faults.

The Chic Daily, Fashion Journalist Club, Sweaters, Tamara Kraus

There are plenty of modern sweater trends to rock this holiday season. As long as you stand clear from a sweater that glows or jingles, you should be safe from committing a sweater crime as the weather cools down this year. It’s easy to make a fashion faux pas, especially with sweaters, but sweater designs are so bold and fun this year that the most important tip is to be creative!

Tamara Kraus

Photo Credits: Forever 21// J. Crew// H&M 


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