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Novel Ice Cream: Food Review

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

By Grace Copperthite

I first discovered Novel Ice Cream through my mom, she had a plan to try every award-winning food in Phoenix, and Novel’s accomplishments surely caught her attention. Novel Ice Cream is tucked away in the cutest little plaza five minutes from ASU’s Downtown Campus. It’s in a tiny shop surrounded by colorful benches and tables for customers to enjoy a home-made ice cream treat from Novel.

Novel is known for its DoughMelt, which features a scoop of ice cream squished between a donut and your choice of topping, as well as their nationally ranked flavors; Butter Pecan, Chocolate, and Madagascar Vanilla. Novel features a few permanent flavors as well as four other ice creams on their menu that rotate every 24-36 hours. These four flavors are different depending on the day, but Novel keeps fan faves and classics like Strawberry and Chocolate on their menu.

According to employee Sarah DeJesus, the owner of Novel, Brandon Douglas took his time and patiently waited for the perfect ice cream and donut chefs, despite having the concept of Novel drawn out for years.

“The owner didn’t want to open the shop until he found someone extremely good at what they do,” she said.

There was a specific vision for the perfect ice cream coupled with a not-too-sweet glazed donut to create the award-winning DoughMelt.

As someone who is a huge fan of the DoughMelt, I obviously had to try it with one of their rotating flavors. I got the German Chocolate Cake ice cream and it was amazing! I’m usually not a fan of the richness that accompanies chocolate ice cream, but this one was tasty.

Photo by bobacouple

The chocolate was light, and it had just the right amount of creamy chocolate flavor to give off the richness of an actual cake. It also featured coconut flakes and nuts, so if you like texture and nuts in your ice cream, the German Chocolate cake flavor is definitely for you.

The donuts are fluffy and live up to the hype of being perfect for the ice cream. They aren’t too sticky or sugary, which makes them a great vessel for ice cream.

If you’re a big fan of fun, affectionately named ice cream flavors and warm fluffy donuts, treat yourself to a DoughMelt at Novel!


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