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NYFW: Feb 8 Recap

Rebecca Minkoff


Rebecca Minkoff’s line hit the runway Friday, with different patterns and colors sure to impress. The models hit the runway in simple make-up and hairstyles. Her line mixed different colors and patterns together, but also managed to stay with ordinary colors like grey and white.

Tommy Hilfiger


The Tommy Hilfiger line was full of patterns. This collection contained many coats. A good majority of the models hit the runway with ski hats and more of the natural make-up. The line was impressive and the colors ranged from creams to darker colors like royal blue.

Nicole Miller


This collection had a wide range of looks. On one side you had the dark look and then the softer look. Some of the models wore a hat as an added accessory when they hit the runway. A lot of the colors presented were darker but occasionally you had patterns that contained lighter colors including creams.

Charlotte Ronson


This collection had to be the most interesting collections. So many colors and patterns were included. For instance one outfit had a flower pattern on the pants but had thick strips on the shirt. The colors changed from earth tones to darker tones.  The background to this show was also interesting because it showed trees in different color to match sets of outfits.

Cassie Castaneda


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