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OPI Takes on James Bond

From the Amazing Spiderman to Kardashian Kolor, the OPI nail polish brand is famous for producing its own original lines of nail polish. From seasonal colors to movie-themed looks, OPI always seems to sell the latest trends in nail colors. With the release of the newest James Bond movie, “Skyfall” on Nov. 9, OPI is channeling 007 with their latest line of nail polish colors that possess the same title as the movie, “Skyfall.”

According to the “James Bond Lifestyle” website, the ads and promotions for this nail polish line feature the newest Bond Girl from “Skyfall,” the beautiful brunette, Bérénice Marlohe.

This collection features twelve James Bond inspired colors, ranging from “the seductive shades” to “the dangerous shades” as referred to by OPI, each with a name that matches a title of the movie or book. Featuring a royal blue polish entitled “Tomorrow Never Dies,” a silver polish called “Moonraker” and a warm, purple polish named “Casino Royale”, the collection hits all the stops when it comes to this season’s most popular colors. The collection also features a mini set, which includes the colors “Golden Eye” (a sparkly gold color), “The Spy Who Loved Me” (a red- orange hue), “The World Is Not Enough” (a gunmetal grey color) and  “Live and Let Die” (a dark blue, grey color). The versatile collection has a color for every season.

The most impressive aspect of this particular line of nail polish is “The Man with the Golden Gun.” This particular nail color has people talking because it is a topcoat that sparkles with eighteen carat gold specks. For $30 the “Golden Gun” look can accompany any of the other existing colors in the collection.

Each of the twelve colors can be found for $8.50 in any beauty store that sells OPI nail colors.

Emily Achondo

Photo Credits: James Bond Lifestyle


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