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Outfit Inspiration: Rachel Green from “Friends”

By Haley Wehner

The 90s revolutionized the world of fashion as it was. Rachel Green, perhaps the most stylish of the six main characters on “Friends”, ingeniously exemplified the classic fashions from the decade. From working shifts pouring coffee at the Central Perk to playing a game of football on Thanksgiving, or going to see her ex-lovers, Rachel always knew how to dress for the part. The best part of it all: re-creating three of her iconic looks is as simple as buckling your overalls.

Rachel Green was the queen of all things denim. One example of her mastery with the timeless fabric, in Season 1, Episode 20 (The One with the Evil Orthodontist), she wears a light, floral cami under a pair of pant-length overalls, with a windbreaker tied around her waist. This outfit is perfect for this time of the year and dressing for weather that alternates between slightly warm and a little chilly. If you’re lucky, you can find a good pair of overalls from a consignment store like Goodwill or Savers. However, if you don’t feel like scavenging through endless racks of clothes, you have some other options.

rachel overalls

Picture obtained from Buzzfeed

Old Navy, Pacsun, Urban Outfitters, Levi and Free People also offer the fashion staple in various fits, styles, and lengths, such as these two options you can find here and here.

The fashionista knew how to dress to look cute and classy, but she also knew how to pull together a glamorously casual look. In Season 3, Episode 9 (The One with the Football), Rachel showed the world you can look cute while doing anything. Her first genius move with this outfit was layering, which is such a simple style to recreate. Just pair one of your favorite casual tee shirts with a long sleeve tee under, scrunched up to the elbows. Then, don your coziest pair of sweatpants, or mix it up and throw on some running shorts. Now you have a cute look to wear to the gym, on a run, to a super casual day to class (#finalsweek), or maybe even to play a game of football in with your friends and family on Thanksgiving.

rachel workout

Picture obtained here.

Finally, my all-time favorite Rachel Green outfit was worn on Season 1, Episode 19 (The One Where the Monkey Gets Away). She paired a soft-colored plaid skirt with a thick, cotton, cropped three-fourth sleeve sweater. Her hair thrown in a messy updo and knee-high varsity socks finished off the ensemble. This outfit is so fabulous because it’s simultaneously classy and a tad flirty.

plaid skirt

Picture obtained from Pinterest.

Urban Outfitters caters to your high-rise, plaid skirt needs here. Emulating the rest of this look is also fairly simple–throw on any plain three-fourth sleeve sweater or top and some knee- or thigh-high socks and you’re all set. This trendy outfit is ideal to wear when grabbing lattes with your friends, heading to the bookstore, going to the movies, or getting late night takeout Chinese food.


Editor’s Note: For more outfits inspired by Rachel Green (with shop links included!) or to create your own, check out these sets on Polyvore.


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